Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Special Day

What were your plans today,
someone might ask. Well,
I'll tell you what my plans
are. I'm going to get up,
drive hubby to the train,
come home, make French Onion
soup and a Chocolate Cake.
My parents are coming for
dinner. We are going to take
a short trip to Chapters with
the gift certificate Mom gave me!

Seems like someone had a
different day in mind.
Seems like someone had been
planning a different day
for a while now...
"Ok, change of plans, get
up and get dressed, I'm
not going into work and
we're going 'Out'". "To where?" I ask and no answer was given. Only "Out"

He wouldn't tell
me what we were doing and
that we would be making a
stop at MommaKates house.
Yay! A Picnic!
My fantastic hubby took
us out on a picnic at the

Violett had a lot of fun
running around in the grass.
I think we should do it again
and soon!

I'm a little sunburnt and
a little tired, but we came
home happy and full of good
picnic fare provided by Kate.
Thanks, Momma!

Barry and Edie came over, too.
They bought me a cool garden
version of Monopoly called
Thanks, Barry and Edie! I
can't wait to play it!

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