Sunday, March 23, 2008

Older Shots of Vi

Such a proud Daddy and a
beautiful baby. She looks
so different now.

Ah, to have those days
back again! All she did
was sleep. It was nice.
We used to wrap her like
a burrito and put her in
the swing and she would
stay there. Now she thinks
it's ok to move around.

Ew Daddy! No more kisses!

Oh goodness. I look like
Homer Simpson with that
belly and the strip of skin
showing itself. I just
couldn't keep that thing

This was the baby shower.
She just looks so adorable
here and it was one of the
few moments she was awake!

We went to the Shaw
Barbeque at Playland.
It was fun, but I came
home sunburnt.

Here's her first attempt
at driving the car. She
said she could do it, but
Daddy didn't think it was
the right time to find out.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Random Picture Series III

Do you think she's ready
to go out on her own in
the car? Hmmm, I'm not

I saw this squirrel drinking
from the pool of water on
our front car port. Awww!
He's so cute.

Sometimes she ends up
in our bed in the mornings.
Being a little baby you would
think she would take up
less room in the bed! Nope.

What a messy eater! She
won't let me spoon feed
her and so I just toss a
whole bunch of finger
foods onto her tray and
she makes a big mess.

Monday, March 17, 2008


New Baby

Here's Goomba or Scott if you
want to use his real name. He's
a new daddy! Congratulations!

Mackenzie is her name. She
is just beautiful! She was born
this past Saturday morning at
around 12:15 am and she
weighed in at 7 pounds 9 oz.

Here's Jen. She's a new
Mommy! Everyone was
happy, tired and healthy
when we went to see them
on Saturday afternoon.
Goomba was so excited to
show off the new baby we
didn't get any sleep either!

Mr. Poopie

What can I say? Mr. Poopie was a request from a friend. You can find the link here.

This is Rozies Pet

I finally finished the pooch for
Rozie and her arm. I've had to
hide it from Violett. Everytime
she saw it she went for it. The
pooch didn't need to go to his
new mommy with baby drool
all over him!

Cute widdle button nose!

I put a bell on him so that
you can hear him coming!
I hope she likes him.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

This is :

This is Rozie. She loves to snowboard.
Rozie went on and on about going
snowboarding every time I talked
to her. It was nice to see someone
so excited about a new hobby.

This is Rozies new snowboarding
gear. She went on and on about
buying the gear and how excited
she was to be getting it. Again,
it's nice to see excitement.

This is Rozie. This is Rozies
newly broken arm. Poor Rozie.
She is now wearing a cast and
evidently no pants! I've decided
that Rozie needs something

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sad Times

Tonight I am a little sad. I was busy in the kitchen doing what I do. Thai Chicken Stew with Fennel and rice was cooking away on the stove. Violett sits in her high chair throwing Goldfish to the dog. Only a few hours until my wonderful Husband comes home. Life was good...Then there was a noise. I couldn't figure it out at first. The stove sounded like it was popping. I stirred my veggies cooking away in the pot and the popping sound kept coming and coming. I looked at the burner to see if there was anything burning...nothing! I thought "hmm, perhaps it's the fennel cooking? Does fennel make a popping sound when it is cooked?" That's silly and no, that's not it either! Then I looked down at the burner again. To my horror and dismay the bottom of my beautiful Lagostina pot was separating from the rest! Unbelievable. This is a great loss to me. I loved that heavy bottomed dutch oven that I found in a thrift store for a buck! Rest In Peace, beautiful pot, Rest In Peace. Sweet.

My Poor Yarn!

Caught Red Handed! If
you look close you can
see the nibble taken out
of the label for my yarn.

This WAS my craft corner.
Everything i needed was just
within reach. All my magazines
are in their assigned bins,
Amigurumi books all stacked
together, yarns in the box
on the bottom and in the
green laundry basket. Alas.
It will all have to be changed
in the morning. :(

You can see the little bit
of paper on her chin.
For some reason my baby
loves to eat paper! She
tore the label off a ball
of yarn and started to eat
it! What if i need that?

Here she is laughing maniacally
because she's thrown my carrot
orange skein into the trash bin
in the corner. Well, perhaps
I'm exaggerating a bit about
the laughter, but it sure looks
like she's laughing and evil
little laugh. Troublemaker.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Tony!

Today was Tony's Birthday!
Yay! Hoorrrahhhhhhh!
Violett and I had Tony over
for dinner to celebrate. I
made roasted potatoes,
curry roasted spaghetti
squash and zucchini
coconut couscous.

And for dessert I made
Couscous Date Cake
I didn't put the sugar
icing on the top because
both Tony and I aren't big
fans of terribly sweet cakes.
It was extremely good!
I never would have thought
that pasta in cake form would
be so good. Who knew?

Violett loves Tony. She smiles
when she sees him and he
is so good with her. They were
passing the ball back and forth
between them and Cornbread
tried to join in.
He was here for more than two
hours and he kept her enter-
tained the whole time.
She is teething again and not
in a very good mood today,
but she certainly had smiles
for Tony.

Random Picture Series II

We went to visit Grandma and Poppa.
She goes to the mirror instantly
and loves playing with the other
baby! "it's me!"

When you look at this one
you might think that she's
sleeping on the floor.
This is not the case.
She is watching the TV!
When she's near the couch
and there is something
interesting on she'll put
her head on the floor and
watch from there. Silly

Sometimes when she is quiet I
look up to see that she's digging
around in the toy box. This
picture is so cute. She looks like
she's been caught doing
something wrong.
They're your toys, baby!
Play all you want!
Just stop dropping the soother
into it.

Late night bit of chocolate anyone?
Anyone? Sometimes a baby just
has to explore the world outside
of the jar of baby mush!
Mmmmm, Chocolate...