Monday, November 23, 2009

New Ultrasound Picture

Here's the latest picture of our little girl, Olivia. Isn't she just beautiful?

We have Brandon Ricci to thank for this one...oh, will the joking ever end at Shaw Cable?!!!


Anonymous said...

Do you have a better quality version of the alien ultrasound pic? It's exactly what im looking for for a project i'm working on. Thanks!

mrs. hemenway said...

hi anonymous, i'm sorry i don't have a better picture. it's just a photoshop joke from my husbands work. the photo is pretty true to what a real ultrasound looks like if that helps at all.

Grieverjoe said...

I love this.
My wife and I are expecting our first baby soon, and we were joking about making a shirt with a similar design. Would it be okay if we used the design on a shirt (we just want a single shirt; we're not planning on marketing them or taking credit for the work)?

mrs. hemenway said...

Go for it!