Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heart Shaped Cheddar Parmesan Biscuits

Hmmmmm, what to make for dinner...?
I had no idea the other day. I kind of wanted soup, but I'd already had a sandwich and couldn't eat another one and there wasn't enough "real" cheese to make a grilled cheese anyway. What is "real" cheese? Well, it doesn't come individually wrapped in slice form...
Hmmmm, I kind of wanted biscuits so within moments I'm dialing the phone...
"Mom? Do you know your biscuit recipe off by heart?" Less than twenty minutes later we had heart shaped cheddar parmesan biscuits and tomato soup on the table. I even added some milk to the tops to give them a nice shine and added fresh cracked pepper and kosher salt to the tops of the ones I was going to eat.

Tasty. Yummy. So good with the soup! Thanks, Mom!

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