Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Grandma Blanket

My Mom, aka Grandma, made her first crochet blanket. It looks great and Violett just loves it! She sleeps with it every night and screams if she's left it downstairs. Vi calls it her "Grandma Blanket". Now she has something of her own to lay down on on the floor instead of crowding Bibby off her receiving blankets...


Kate said...


What a lovely photo. And your description is wonderful. How lucky your kids are to have a grandma who doesn't bail out on them and go away on an adventure, tee hee! But really tho, it's beautiful and a fine gift for Vi to have as her own special thing. A way to help her feel like she still counts, and the picture a reflection of the love between two sisters. Thank your mom for me. 


Anne & Gerry said...

Thats a gorgeous Grandma blanket and 2 gorgeous little delightful gals in the photo