Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Not So Jolly Jumper

I pulled out the Jolly Jumper for this not-so-jolly-jumper today. Bibby had been in it before but today was the first day she really understood that she could use it to bounce in rather than just hang there.
We have organized and unpacked enough and are able to move around the house with ease. Bibbys room was the "dumping ground" for all the disorganization and boxes and stuff I didn't want to deal with until all the furniture/bookshelves/tv stands/wall-mounted shelves were in place. Now it serves as an actual bedroom! What a concept. I am almost finished unpacking, but those boxes that still lurk are filled with a jumble of nameless crap that I wish I didn't have to deal with. Soon I will be able to take pictures of our new home with no boxes visible.
Oh, and thank you, anonymous neighbour, who keeps coming and taking away my neatly nested boxes. You're saving me the trouble of finding someone who wants them.

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