Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day one, two and three...

Here's the first three days of the big kitty pattern. I'm looking forward to finishing the head. It's gonna look great!
A few other crochet fiends (oops...i mean friends) from Crochetville are making the same pattern. I guess you could say it's a spontaneous crochet along. I've met a few really great people on the forum who love amigurumi as much as i do. I've ordered another amigurumi book! I can't wait for it to come in the mail!
I was looking through my online subscription to a crafting magazine (i know, nerd i am!) and remembered just what it was that sparked the crochet bug in me. It was an amigurumi robot. I still haven't made it, but i've printed out the pattern now that i know how do make more difficult pieces and once i'm done the big kitty i'll make the robot. Here's the link for the robot pattern. I remember going to my mom's stitch n' bitch and asking her friend, Irene, to show me how to make the robot. She laughed a little and said that I would need to learn the basis first. Thanks to Irene, i now know the basics and am loving the wonderful world of crochet. She told me to make her a certificate for teaching me and that's what i did. I emailed the certificate to my mom and she printed it out and gave it to her. Made her day! Thanks Crochet Master Irene!

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