Monday, April 21, 2008

Scenes From A High Chair I

Sometimes it's harder to think of what to feed her instead of getting her to actually eat what I give to her. She hasn't wanted to eat her veggies lately other than frozen peas so she hasn't been given any. I found out that when she doesn't want to eat something it's just because I've given it to her a little too often. She swore off bananas a few weeks back and so I waited a while and now she's scarfing them down every day! Kiwi is next on the nix-list I think for the next while too. Broccoli has made it back onto the list as of today. Once a week I buy a big bag of pre-washed spinach. I puree it and add some flavours like orange juice and pine nuts and the like. I usually add it to cream and make a very green coloured pasta sauce with it and she'll scarf it down. Today I had half of the spinach puree left and needed to get her fed. I made the good old stand-by ready in under 10 minutes mac & cheese and tossed in the spinach puree. Voila! I cooled it off and tossed some onto her tray. In no time at all there was none left and she was screaming at me for more, more, more! Crazy baby. This type of dinner always ends in a bath. She had it up her nose and in her eyes.

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