Tuesday, October 21, 2008

To My Faithful Blog Readers

Dear Faithful Blog Readers,

It's me again. How have you been over the summer? I hope that you had as much fun as we did.
We went swimming and playing in parks. We even got to go to a Corn Maze this year. Oh, and the gardening, don't forget the gardening.
Violett is looking forward to next summer where we will make our first attempts at riding a tricycle, more swimming and generally playing outdoors in the sunshine. She might have even said her first word by then! My bets are that it will be "Kitty". Any takers?
I hope that we can keep in touch more often over the winter months. I'm forecasting more posts due to the lack of sunshine outside. We will be looking for more indoor activities to try out. Maybe we can try the indoor pool? Any suggestions?
Whatever is in store for us I hope that we can make it through these dreary months to come and I hope that some of you will come for visits, and we can visit you too.
Dear Faithful Blog Readers, thanks again for all your support.
A Mommy.

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