Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Phoenix Gymnastics

On the 15th of November it was Seth's birthday. Violett was invited to go to the gymnasium to play with the other kids at the party. She had a blast, but mostly played by herself. She found a soccer ball and spent about a half hour just kicking it around the room.
There was a pit of foam blocks on one side of the room and Deb tossed her in it!

She wasn't too impressed until I jumped into the pit too!

Luckily we both got out of there with our socks on!

She really loved the parachute at the end. We all sat around the edge of it and some kids were in the middle running around while we shook it and shaked it all about. The kids were supposed to take turns, but Violett just stayed on it the whole time.

She enjoyed it when we made a tent out of it too, but got a little upset when it started to get hot in there. Boy, did she ever fall asleep instantly in the car on the way home!

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