Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vancouver Aquarium

Scott and I have been so excited for the last week because we were taking the V to see the fishes at the Vancouver Aquarium.  When we got there the dolphin show was on so we raced outside to catch the end of it.  She was mesmerized and watched as they jumped out of the water.  Too bad we only got to see the last few minutes.

We headed inside and started to wander about.  She ran up to the first tank she saw and started to climb up onto the ledge and point at the fish inside.  It was fun to watch her.

Ooh, Jellyfish!  This was the prettiest tank of jellyfish.  We had seen them on the news just the day before!

Here's one of the employees of the aquarium cleaning the rocks in the Beluga tank.  Notice the white rock right next to him?  Ha ha, it's not a rock, it's the new baby!  She stayed right next to him the whole time.  I think she wanted to get a good brushing too!

Violett seemed more interested in her bunny crackers than watching the beluga whales...so yummy!

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