Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Worst Biscotti Recipe...EVER!!!

Ok, so I've discovered the joys of baking biscotti.  The process is the same as baking cookies, (duh) but you bake in one big lump instead of a million little lumps, cut, then re-bake.  Simple and tasty.  I found a great chocolate chip biscotti recipe and it turns out great each time (as long as you don't over bake it like the last time...).  This last time I was going to bake for the geeks at Shaw, I wanted to make Banana Toffee Biscotti so I went searching for a recipe.  Boy, what a recipe!  Total Crap!  I cannot believe how this dough turned out!  She describes it as a "Crunchy Banana Bread" and that suits it because since you over bake this by at least 30 minutes it's essentially banana bread that's over done.  I had to add a FULL CUP of extra flour just to get it to a regular banana bread consistency.  If this clueless woman used small eggs and small bananas she should have mentioned it.  I used less banana than what was called for,  (you know, hungry baby see banana, hungry baby want banana) and it still came out really runny and gross looking.  I ended up just dumping it onto the baking sheet expecting it to come out like two ugly  big blobs.  Just look at the picture above and you will see how they turned out.  I gave up on the second baking and just cut the suckers into biscotti shaped banana bread.  Apparently they went over like gangbusters at the meeting.   

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deb said...

yeah, overbaked banana bread isn't a favourite of mine either