Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Civilization Revolution

As you may or may not know, my hubby is a gamer *cough* (dork). I think it's important in a marriage to maintain some fun activities for yourself. I don't mind watching him play his games and I often chime up and help him with "those pesky words". Recently we came across a little game called Civilization Revolution. This is a really addictive game reminiscent of Risk or the older Sim games. In the game you build cities and your country from scratch, build armies, invade other countries, defend your cities, negotiate with the other leaders, grow crops, mine gold and yes, even launch yourself into outer space.

There are four different ways to win the game. You can win by Domination which means that you eliminate all other countries and their leaders slink off with a pathetic warning that they'll be back. Yeah, right. Not in this game, Pal!
You can win by amassing a fortune in gold totaling 22,000 gold pieces. You get more gold by taking other cities and the gold within. Sometimes it's a paltry one piece of gold, but one game I stole close to 700 pieces!
You can also win by being the most cultured. You receive a Great Person at milestones in the game and if you put them to good use you can add more culture to your cities which makes your ever growing population happier and they work harder for you without complaint. Don't build a temple to keep your people happy and they'll desert you for the closest enemy.
And the final way of winning the game is in the Technology race. Alpha Centauri is your goal and you need science to get there. Lots and lots of science. Building and expanding is the only way to produce more usable squares on the board so that your science gets developed quick enough.

Now, I usually don't get into games that often anymore. I'll play for a few minutes, but if I have to replay the same battle over and over again to move forward in the game I lost interest pretty quickly. This game, however, is another story. I won Domination on my first try. Cultural was easy enough. Economic was a bit of a challenge, but I made it on the first try too. Technology came next...but hold on a minute.
There are so many different things you need to factor into the game. Production levels, invading armies, lost cities, science levels. Too many to name!
I've been playing that darn game for almost two weeks now. Why two weeks? Well, someone was whining that it was their turn next. Yeah, yeah, yeah, maybe tomorrow. :P
So anyhoo, I played and failed and played and failed and played and failed for the third time! Finally and with hubbys help, I got the hang of all of the different elements of the game and today...today I won.

Yes, that's right, I won. And here is my victory on the big screen for everyone to see! Har har har! I think I'm not going to play the game for a few days since I've been having non-stop dreams since I started to play it.
Word to the wise, people...it's addictive. And of course I threw in a shot of Violett for good measure at the end of the clip.

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