Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dog Pillow

Finally! Ricky is starting to really accept the fact that Violett is here and wants to play with him. She has been chasing him around since she started to roll around on the floor. Now that she's walking and almost running she can get to him pretty fast and he's gotten to the point where he won't leave the room. He'll stay and let her pat him and hug him which is truly cute. This past few days he has started to rub up against her and bump her. She'll laugh and fall to the ground, get up again and go after him again. She can barely see over him, but she puts one arm over his back and one arm under his belly and gives him a hug. He usually gets up out of the chair when she comes close, but this time he didn't and I picked her up and plopped her down in the chair with him and there they sat. Well, until he had enough that is.

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