Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Corn Maize

While a little bored last week I started to search the internet for stuff for us to do. I came across a website that listed outdoor activities in Vancouver and the surrounding area. I came across a site for a corn maze.

Lo and behold! It's just down the street from us and completely affordable! I checked the weather for Saturday and I seemed promising too. Only a 30% chance of rain and it hadn't been raining for about two days. It was on!

We took the wagon and Violett sat in it pretty well. She found that she could touch the wheels and when they got good and muddy she kept her hands on them. Boy was she messy! She kept getting thwapped in the face by low-lying leaves and sprouts. At one point she bent over when she saw some coming and avoided it! What a smart girl! Scott had a lot of fun too. He kept telling me that men have this natural sense of direction and he always knew where north was. What a CROCK! :P

The corn was still young and some of it was exposed. The brown yukky silk that you see in the store is the mature stuff, but this was a fantastic shade of pink! It was so pretty and I couldn't believe the colour!

At the mid-point of the first half there was a bridge. We were warned by the owners to just go around it and not to try to haul the wagon over it. Scott ran up the stairs and did the standard Rocky move. I got to go up there eventually and took the video.

We only got to do half of the maze because Violett wasn't happy with the thwapping after a while. The people going into the maze when we came out we kind enough to take our picture. What a good day! We stopped at a farm on the way home and got some apples to make pie. Mmmmmm.

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