Thursday, September 4, 2008

Miracle Boule

I made zucchini crown bread the other day and wasn't very happy with the way it came out. Bland and Boring! So when I saw this bread on French Food At Home I just had to make it.

It's called Miracle Boule and was so easy to make! So easy that I've got a bowl of dough on the counter to bake tomorrow and will do the same for the next day! Thank goodness I still had this old Dutch Oven hidden away under the stove as my old Lagostina Dutch Oven kicked the can a while back. Remember this pot, Mom?

The bread came out of the oven and I brushed a bunch of the flour off of it (next time I won't use as much as I did today). I couldn't wait for Scott to get home to try it out with me so I sliced it up and smothered it in Strawberry Rhubarb jam. It was so good I think that I will be making this quite often! There isn't any left already!

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