Sunday, March 23, 2008

Older Shots of Vi

Such a proud Daddy and a
beautiful baby. She looks
so different now.

Ah, to have those days
back again! All she did
was sleep. It was nice.
We used to wrap her like
a burrito and put her in
the swing and she would
stay there. Now she thinks
it's ok to move around.

Ew Daddy! No more kisses!

Oh goodness. I look like
Homer Simpson with that
belly and the strip of skin
showing itself. I just
couldn't keep that thing

This was the baby shower.
She just looks so adorable
here and it was one of the
few moments she was awake!

We went to the Shaw
Barbeque at Playland.
It was fun, but I came
home sunburnt.

Here's her first attempt
at driving the car. She
said she could do it, but
Daddy didn't think it was
the right time to find out.

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