Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Poor Yarn!

Caught Red Handed! If
you look close you can
see the nibble taken out
of the label for my yarn.

This WAS my craft corner.
Everything i needed was just
within reach. All my magazines
are in their assigned bins,
Amigurumi books all stacked
together, yarns in the box
on the bottom and in the
green laundry basket. Alas.
It will all have to be changed
in the morning. :(

You can see the little bit
of paper on her chin.
For some reason my baby
loves to eat paper! She
tore the label off a ball
of yarn and started to eat
it! What if i need that?

Here she is laughing maniacally
because she's thrown my carrot
orange skein into the trash bin
in the corner. Well, perhaps
I'm exaggerating a bit about
the laughter, but it sure looks
like she's laughing and evil
little laugh. Troublemaker.

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