Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Tony!

Today was Tony's Birthday!
Yay! Hoorrrahhhhhhh!
Violett and I had Tony over
for dinner to celebrate. I
made roasted potatoes,
curry roasted spaghetti
squash and zucchini
coconut couscous.

And for dessert I made
Couscous Date Cake
I didn't put the sugar
icing on the top because
both Tony and I aren't big
fans of terribly sweet cakes.
It was extremely good!
I never would have thought
that pasta in cake form would
be so good. Who knew?

Violett loves Tony. She smiles
when she sees him and he
is so good with her. They were
passing the ball back and forth
between them and Cornbread
tried to join in.
He was here for more than two
hours and he kept her enter-
tained the whole time.
She is teething again and not
in a very good mood today,
but she certainly had smiles
for Tony.

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