Monday, March 3, 2008

Random Picture Series II

We went to visit Grandma and Poppa.
She goes to the mirror instantly
and loves playing with the other
baby! "it's me!"

When you look at this one
you might think that she's
sleeping on the floor.
This is not the case.
She is watching the TV!
When she's near the couch
and there is something
interesting on she'll put
her head on the floor and
watch from there. Silly

Sometimes when she is quiet I
look up to see that she's digging
around in the toy box. This
picture is so cute. She looks like
she's been caught doing
something wrong.
They're your toys, baby!
Play all you want!
Just stop dropping the soother
into it.

Late night bit of chocolate anyone?
Anyone? Sometimes a baby just
has to explore the world outside
of the jar of baby mush!
Mmmmm, Chocolate...

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