Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthday Party June 21st

So I'm sitting here going through all the pictures that were sent to me from the grandparents. There's a ton of pictures to choose from! Too many, in fact. I've decided that to post them all would take forever, and I'm just not able to spend the time I want uploading photos and giving them all a caption. I've decided to upload a few of my favourite pictures and the rest I've uploaded to my flickr page.
My poor little baby was not feeling too well at the party and needed to nap halfway through it. She wasn't into eating her cake either and only picked at it. Unfortunately, she ended the day throwing up all over me and the kitchen floor and was a barrel of giggles afterwards. She hadn't eaten much and only ate the vanilla buttercream on her little cake.
I also didn't get to take any pictures of my own, or there would be a ton of good shots of the food that I worked hard on. There is really only one picture that my mom took and it's not a close up. Oh well, next time I'll be more prepared and not do so much work.
But a big Thank You to everyone who came and Violett would like everyone to know that she had a good time even if she was feeling a little ukky.

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