Friday, June 6, 2008

Blue Meringues

I've been spending a lot
of time lately baking.
Violett has her first
birthday coming up soon
and I'm going to have a
Garden Party for her. I
need to test out recipes
and different types of
desserts and today I
tested out a recipe that I've been dying to try for a few months. Pavlova. It didn't turn out exactly as a Pavlova due to lack of patience and limited time without a baby at my heels. I added some blue food colouring and some blue sugar to the top. They turned out really great! I think I'll stop baking for a few days. I send all the extras to work with Scott so I don't get to eat more than one or two of whatever I've made and they are getting pretty demanding. If I skip a day he gets teased. I should start demanding butter by the pound in exchange for daily sweets. :P

1 comment:

Barry & Edith Hemenway said...

It's tough that baking has become so demanding, but feeding the masses is probably a good thing.

(Perhaps we should drop the 'm'!)