Friday, June 27, 2008

My Macro Garden

This post is for my friends. Clare, Sue and a new addition Amy. They are all cool crochet chicks that I met online. Clare lives in Australia, Sue in Malaysia and Amy lives on the East side of the States. They are amateur gardeners like me and each of them bugged me to get some good pictures up. I am also learning to use the macro setting on the camera properly. All these photos are of the plants that I'm growing on the carport and in the neighbours garden. Well, Ladies, I hope you enjoy the pictures and remember to click on them for a larger view!

Corn sprouts and beans. I
need to replant them in a
bigger pot soon.

The Spearmint that has been
overtaking the neighbours
garden. I've been ripping it
out for a while but it keeps
coming back!

Tomato flowers. I think that
this one is a Roma Tomato or
a Patio Tomato Plant.

These are the ornamental pumpkins
that I bought for Hallowe'en
last year. I left them in the
front garden and something
came and tried to eat them.
They rotted and I just left the
seeds in the dirt and they
started to grow! Woo Hoo!

The underside of the bean
leaves. I forget which beans
I've actually planted, but I
think that they are a red

And here's the pumpkins! They
are starting to flower now.
Pretty soon I'm going to
have to go out there and
help the bees do their
job, wink wink.

Has anyone actually grown
an avocado plant from the
seed? Mine always just get
wrinkly and do nothing.

This is the African Violet that
Linda from 3Vets gave to me
a few years back. It has lovely
blooms. I don't do anything
with it and it just hangs in
the window all year round.

I really hope that I get at
least a few strawberries out
of these plants! I can't wait
to see if I do.

This is my Rubber Plant. It
wasn't doing well for quite a
while there, but it's coming back
for sure and getting pretty big!

This is my Snake Plant. I'm
not sure of it's real name. I've
had it for years and it's getting
bigger all the time. This year,
something new is happening to
it. A wierd stem has come up
from inside of it and has begun
to flower. It has these great big drops of dew on it too. It looks so cool upclose.

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sue said...

oh my! you make me want to go home and plant straight away! they are heavenly gorgeous! errr.. but my thumb is not as green as yours and clare's