Thursday, June 5, 2008

On the Phone with Becca

Violett is a little phone stealer. Every time I leave the room I come back to see her on the side table or on the couch. Inevitably she takes the remote control or the phone. As I'm typing she's walking away with the tv remote and has hit the mute button. I found her the other day holding the phone up to her ear and she was pretending to talk on the phone making little noises. It was too cute! When I tried to take a video of it of course she stopped. I asked my friend Becca to call and to talk to Violett. She hung up on Becca twice and was more interested in watching the tv (what's new) than performing for the camera. It's a short clip, but a funny one!

1 comment:

xbecca said...

I can't believe she hung up on me TWICE. I was about to have a serious heart to heart with her the second time about how that made me feel.